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  • This Korean restaurant on Robson is serving up authentic Korean food

This Korean restaurant on Robson is serving up authentic Korean food

Chances are you've missed it while walking along Robson, and that's a real shame

One joy of being self-employed is that I can spend a weekday afternoon walking down the street, just observing different restaurants, seeing what piques my interest. It’s an experience you start to treasure when you’re on the hunt for new places to eat. You’re actively watching, noticing things you wouldn’t normally see. 

I had one such day in early February. Robson was my destination. I’ve walked that street many times. But sometimes you have to get off the main strip to discover something new. 

One such location is Robson Public Market, at the corner of Cardero and Robson. Before taking up food reviewing, I wouldn’t give a place like that much thought. Now, after exploring Richmond food courts, it called to me. 

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