Meet the Lookout

At the Lookout, we strive to help engaged locals, who care deeply about Vancouver, stay informed about the biggest issues, events and news.

We do this with a 3x a week newsletter. The goal? Make following local Vancouver news easy, informative and fun.

But it’s more than just that.

At the Lookout, we work to give you the context around the stories that directly impact you and your family, so you can understand what happened, and what will happen.

The Team

Vancity Lookout is written by Geoff Sharpe, one of the co-founders of Lookout Media. The newsletter is edited by Robert Hiltz, the other co-founder of the Lookout.

Not a writer by trade, Geoff realized if no one was going to write about local issues, he thought he’d give it a try.

Geoff breaks down the biggest stories facing Vancouver, what it means to you, and does the odd restaurant review.

Geoff is based out of Vancouver and Whitehorse. You can find him at his favourite Italian restaurant, visiting a new coffee shop, or hunched over a computer screen writing the latest edition of the newsletter.