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Why Locals Love the Lookout

“The Vancity Lookout is an important addition to the local media scene, helping its readers understand what makes Vancouver tick, what makes Vancouver great, and what Vancouver could do better. ”


“I love the Lookout and recommend it to all my local friends and family! The balanced coverage of events, restaurants and local politics makes it perfect for the young professional on the go! Like Morning Brew, but for things closer to home.”


“The Lookout is a great one-stop-shop for feeling connected to what's going on in Vancouver and gaining insight on everything from city politics to where to find great donuts.”


“When general media fail us at the local level, I rely on The Lookout to keep me abreast on what’s happening in our city, at city hall, and how provincial and federal matters affect us here. The Lookout makes me feel like a more responsible, local, citizen of Vancouver. ”


“The Lookout feels like my morning coffee chat with a friend, if that friend was well informed about local politics, business, restaurants, events, and life in Vancouver. As a somewhat-recent immigrant to the city from Alberta, I love the Lookout because it feels like a personalized update on what's going on in the city. ”


“The Lookout is the only newsletter I read regularly, and I never skip over it! It's how I find out about what's going on in Vancouver and is a great balance of news and events.”